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Welcome to the Morgan Family virtual reunion. This virtual experience is for everyone who is in ANYWAY related to the Morgans who have their roots in Texas, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina and related families. Personally, I'm a descendant of George James Morgan and Ruth Mary Chesney.

There are no suitcases to pack, plane tickets to buy or gas tanks to fill up (and at the prices these days - THANK GOODNESS!). No hotel rooms to reserve or covered dishes to fix. And no pounds to shed or new outfits to buy. YIPEE!

I'll be your hostess for what I truly believe will be a great experience. I hope you'll stay a while, visit with family you may have never met or haven't seen in years, share your stories and photos and learn more about your roots. I also hope you'll invite other family members to join you - the more the merrier!

Again, welcome! Pin on your name tag and make yourself at home. You're among family here.

Linda Kay Morgan Clark
George and Ruth's middle child

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P.S. Always glad to get suggestions on how to improve this experience. Write me! And ya'll come back now, 'hear?


P.S. #2 I've been told that the photo in the top corner was taken in 1935 at the last and only family reunion the children of James Thomas and Margaret Viola Knighton Morgan ever had -
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